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Pop your caps, run your steelies!
When you’re running your steel wheels you have a blank canvass to design your ride your way. It’s not “off the shelf” style but a statement created by you. The options are limitless from powder coating your wheels to rattle can paint, standard lug nuts to colorized, widened steel wheels, to banded and from center caps to beanies. Steelie Ringz offers colorized trim rings and accessories that complete the look of your steelies. You will be amazed at how a Steelie Ring can make your wheels pop. And with Steelie Ringz you can change your look whenever you want without breaking the bank. If you don’t see what you want, ask. If we like your idea we'll pretend we thought of it!
Classic Steel
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Cool Blue 
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Race Red
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Lemon Loud
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Night Black
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What are Steelie Ringz? 

Steelie Ringz are stainless steel trim rings finished in high quality glossy colors. Steelie Ringz fit tightly to the outside rim of your steel wheels adding style and a pop of color.

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 Wide White
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Rust Ringz
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